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We’d love to welcome you into your new home.

Steps to arranging Specialist Disability Accommodation

Step 1: Apply for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) with Supported Independent Living supports (SIL) with the NDIA.

Step 2: Research the housing options available on our website

Step 3: Get in touch with us

A Claro Customer Experience Manager will support you through the process of finding your new home. They will talk to you about what you’re looking for and will usually ask about:

  • Your needs and goals
  • Housing preferences (e.g. location, housing type, housemates)
  • The SDA funding that you have: The SDA design category and building type

Step 4: Suitability assessment

Completed by us, this is to ensure that our homes meet your needs and that your interests are compatible with existing residents. (If we don’t have a suitable home or vacancies now, we’ll put you on our waitlist for upcoming homes).

Step 5: Complete an SDA application

An application will be provided to you to complete.

Step 6: View the property and meet other residents

After your application has been reviewed, we will arrange a site visit.

Step 7: Meet the Accommodation Services Manager

They manage your transition and oversee operations of the property.

Step 8: SDA letter of offer acceptance

The SDA Provider will give you a letter of offer to move into your new home.

Step 9: We get ready for you to move in

Once you have accepted the SDA letter of offer, we’ll work behind the scenes to get everything ready for you to move in.

  • We’ll talk with you, your family, Support Coordinator and Therapists to finalise documentation including a support plan and necessary management plans.
  • We will work together on your SIL document and support funding and then submit to NDIA.
  • We will work with your therapists to arrange support worker training, and ensure suitable equipment is in place.
  • Once your SIL funding is finalised, we’ll agree on your move in date.

Step 10: It’s time to move into your new home!

You’ll be supported by your Customer Experience Manager and Accommodation Services Manager to move into your new home. (As you settle in, we’ll keep checking in with you. If you need any help at any time, you can speak to your Accommodation Services Manager).

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