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Our pricing


Our prices are based on the rates set by the National Insurance Disability Scheme; Transport Accident Commission (Victoria); National Injury Insurance Scheme (Queensland); iCARE (NSW) and SafeWork (SA). For more information about prices please visit the relevant government website.

Home Care Packages, Commonwealth Support Program and Private clients

The following pricing applies to Home Care Packages, Commonwealth Home Support Programme and Private. For NDIS and other funded schemes please refer to the relevant government website.
Service GST Exclusive
Home Care Personal & Social Community Access
Monday to Friday 6am- 8pm (per hour) $64.89
Monday to Friday 8pm-12am (per hour) $71.76
Monday to Friday 12am-6am (per hour) $72.82
Saturday (per hour) $90.79
Sunday (per hour) $115.63
Public Holiday (per hour) $141.00
Kilometers – per km $1.27
Home Care – Domestic
Monday to Friday 6am- 8pm (per hour) $64.89
Saturday (per hour) $90.79
Sunday (per hour) $115.63
Public holiday (per hour) $141.00
Home Care – Domestic
Per service $254.62
Applicable Fees *
Package Management 15% of full package
Case Management 15% of full package
Processing Fee 10% per invoice
Income Tested Fee Determined by Centrelink
Offboarding Fee $350

Service Descriptions

Home Care – Personal – Is Personal/Respite Care work completed for the client to assist them to maintain their independence. This can include assistance with activities of daily living, e.g. hygiene tasks, toileting, dressing, grooming, meal assistance, continence support and medication.

Home Care – Domestic – Is work for the client which includes light domestic duties, e.g. laundry, meal preparation, shopping, bill paying and banking without the client (excludes heavy duty cleaning).

Sleepover – A ten (10) hour period of service for clients where the support worker is expected to provide a total of three (3) active hours of support.

Package & Case Management Fee – Does not apply to Private Customers. Covers costs that Claro incurs which include and not limited to quality and clinical support, insurance, government liaison, administrative overheads.

Processing Fee Does not apply to Private Customers.Processing of invoices external to Claro and related entities.

Offboarding Fee Does not apply to Private Customers.Covers costs associated with a managed transition to an alternative provider in the event of a client choosing to exit the service.

Terms & Conditions

Payment terms
For more detail refer to Service Agreements.

Claro Aged Care & Disability Services reviews and updates its fees from time to time. We endeavour to give clients at least one month’s notice of any changes to prices or other changes to terms and conditions. Please note that you will be deemed to have agreed to this change from the effective date.

Minimum Shifts
A minimum 1-hour charge applies to all shifts.

Customer cancellations less than 24 hours before service commencement will incur the following charges:

  • Between 4 – 24 hours prior to service commencement: The Base hourly rate will be charged.

Less than 4 hours prior to service commencement: Full price of rostered shift will be charged.

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