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Changing providers

If you’re looking for a new provider for in-home supports,
Claro is here to make the process as simple as possible.
As part of our onboarding process, we’ll make sure you have
access to the right support, every step of the way. We partner
with you, your advocates, support network and healthcare providers,
so that we have a complete understanding of your care needs, goals and preferences.

We recognise that every individual is different,
so our approach is flexible to ensure we gather the right
information to meet your needs.

Transitioning your
support to Claro:

Get to
know us

If you’re interested
in receiving supports
from Claro, you’ll be
connected with a
Customer Experience
Manager who will
answer your questions
and guide you through
the transition process.

Talk to our Customer
Experience Manager


Complete your
application, which may

  • Our referral form
  • Your funding approval
  • Consent form

We may ask for other
including reports from
your medical and allied
health providers.

Email your application to
us at intake@claro.com.au

We learn
about you

We get to know you
by learning about your:

  • History
  • Experience
  • Personality
  • Medical background

This ensures we can
provide you with the
personalised care you

Meet with with our team
so we can get to know you.

your care

We meet face-to-face
with you to plan the
care and the resources
needed to meet your
needs. If we don’t have
available support
workers, or support
workers with the right
experience, we will
commence recruitment.

Participate in developing
your care plan.

Meet your

Meet the team that will
support you:

  • Your Support Worker(s)
  • Your Services Manager
  • Your local Clinical
    Manager (optional)

Get to know your
support team!

& training

Your care team will
receive training, so
that the supports they
provide you is in line
with your goals, needs
and preferences.
If required, we’ll work
with your allied health
team to access person-centred training for
complex conditions.

Your care team will receive
person-centred training.


With your care team in
place, your supports
will commence.
We’ll check in with you
regularly within the first
three months of service
to ensure we’re
meeting your needs.

Receive your supports


If your needs change,
we’ll be here to
support you.

If you ever need us, get in touch
with your Services Manager.

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to Claro? Get in touch today!