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Speak Up Hotline

From time to time, there may be times when we don’t meet the expectations of our customers, partners or employees.

Speak Up hotline provides a way for you to provide feedback about your experience with Claro

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The Speak Up Hotline is for all customers, partners and employees to use to report any actual or suspected issues, wrongdoing or illegal conduct that may be occurring that is impacting you, our customers, their families or the organisation itself.

The Speak Up Hotline is an independent and externally managed hotline provided by our integrity partners, Core Integrity.

The team from Core Integrity is trained in dealing with complex and sensitive issues and all matters are treated in the strictest of confidence. Claro acknowledge that at times, you may not feel comfortable speaking up via existing internal channels and that is why we have set up the Speak Up Hotline to ensure you can choose the best method to speak up and report your concerns.

Why speak up?

Speaking up is the right thing to do. When you see or suspect that something isn’t quite right we encourage you to report it as soon as possible. By reporting any issues or concerns early you are providing Claro the opportunity to review your report and take the appropriate action required. By speaking up early when something doesn’t seem right, you are not only protecting yourself but you are also protecting our customers, our partners, your colleagues and the organisation itself.

When should you speak up?

We all know when we see something that doesn’t seem quite right. If you see or suspect wrongdoing, illegal or unethical conduct in the workplace we encourage you to report it as soon as possible. Our people are our greatest asset and this is especially true when it comes to reporting wrongdoing, misconduct or unethical conduct. We can’t take action on wrongdoing if we don’t know about it so we encourage you to report anything you see or hear that doesn’t seem right.

How do I speak up?

At Claro, we have a number of ways in which you can speak up and report a concern.

For employees, these include speaking to your Manager, approaching a member of the executive team or speaking directly to the People & Culture team.

For customers, families, or partners you can review our Feedback Policy and choose whether to submit feedback via those channels, or via the Speak Up Hotline.

All reports are treated in the strictest of confidence and are referred to the appropriate area by the Core Integrity team for review and action as deemed appropriate.

Make a report

We provide you with a number of secure reporting channels to make a report. Choose the channel that suits you best.

Report by Phone

1800 324 775

Report via Email

Report via Mail

PO Box 730, Milsons Point NSW 1565

Follow up a report

Want to follow up on a report or provide further information? Click here to be taken to the login page. Please have the case ID and password that you used to generate your report handy.
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Frequently Asked Questions about feedback

Will I be informed of the outcome?2022-08-16T18:19:04+10:00

When you report a matter through the Speak Up Hotline, you can leave your details to be contacted throughout the process or you can choose to remain completely anonymous.

Even if you wish to remain anonymous, the Core Integrity team is able in certain circumstances to communicate with you through the secure, two-way communication platform and provide you with updates.

When you lodge a report, you will be given a unique Report ID and password that enables you to directly access your report at any time. You are encouraged to retain your Report ID and password to enable you to login and check on the status and progress of your report.

What does Claro do once it receives a summary report from Core Integrity?2022-08-16T18:28:54+10:00

Depending on the information provided and the nature of the report, Claro will consider whether, and to what extent, an investigation is required. Claro will follow existing processes to appropriately investigate and resolve the matter.

Claro may also use the information from reports to understand common issues within the organisation, to support continuous improvement initiatives.

What happens after I speak up?2022-08-16T18:27:19+10:00

The trained team at Core Integrity will review the report and work with you to capture as much information as possible in a confidential manner. A detailed summary report of the issue is then provided to Claro.

What happens to me if I speak up?2022-08-16T18:17:58+10:00

You will be given the protection of confidentiality and anonymity (if you choose) for bringing a matter forward. If there are circumstances where anonymity is not possible, this will be explained to you fully at the time, allowing you to decide how you wish to proceed.

Can I choose to remain anonymous?2022-08-16T18:17:00+10:00

Yes, the Speak Up Program uses the latest in secure, anonymous two-way communications so you don’t have to provide your name and other details if you don’t want to.

Why would I use the Speak Up Hotline?2022-08-16T18:14:38+10:00

If you don’t feel comfortable giving feedback directly, you can use the external and independent Speak Up Program. All reports are treated in the strictest confidence and can be kept anonymous.

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