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Specialist Disability Accommodation — finding the home you love with Claro

What is Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)?

Specialist disability accommodation, or SDA, is housing that has been specifically designed and built for people with disability who need a lot of support in the home. Funding for SDA is a support category in the NDIS.

There are different types of specialist disability accommodation, depending on where you want to live and what will meet your needs. Designs range from inner-city apartments to suburban terraces and stand-alone houses. All must meet the SDA Design Standard and latest accessibility requirements, with comfort, security and modern design front of mind.

In most circumstances, a small number of people live in an SDA dwelling together, often with a support worker.

NDIS funding for specialist disability accommodation is for the provider of the building. People who live in specialist disability accommodation still have to pay a reasonable rent contribution and other daily living costs, and use their NDIS funding to access other disability supports.

Claro is a registered SIL (supported independent living) provider and works closely with SDA providers across Australia, to provide in-home support for residents. Not everyone who lives in specialist disability accommodation will have SIL supports, but some do. See more about Supported Independent Living.

Who is SDA for?

Specialist disability accommodation is very specific housing for people who need a lot of support in the home, or a highly customised building to make it safe and accessible for them to live in.

To be eligible for specialist disability accommodation, you will need to demonstrate to the NDIA that you have very significant functional impairment or support needs, and that SDA is the best ‘reasonable and necessary’ home and living option for you.

Find out more about SDA eligibility.

If you think you or someone you care for is eligible for SDA funding, you’ll need to apply for it during the NDIS planning process.

Most NDIS participants don’t need SDA. There are other home and independent living options you can access through the NDIS to access the kind of home and living situation you want. See our Supported Independent Living options.

Looking to live more independently or move home? We’ll help you find the living situation you’re looking for.

How do I find specialist disability accommodation?

You can use the SDA Finder to look for SDA vacancies in your area.

You might not always be able to find a vacancy that suits your needs or living preferences.

Our clients strongly recommend working with someone who knows a lot about the specialist disability accommodation market where you live. This can be your support coordinator or one of our knowledgeable team members here at Claro.

Whether you or your loved one is seeking an accessible inner-city apartment, or to share with others in a leafy suburb near family and friends, we can help.

Tell us what you’re looking for. Or head to our Accommodation Locations to find out what’s available. We’ll connect you to purpose-built specialist disability accommodation and a home with like-minded people and great support workers.

Claro and specialist disability accommodation

We have a wide range of high quality, safe accommodation options built to the latest accessibility standards available in Australia.

Get in touch today to find your dream home.

Claro brought together four disability accommodation organisations, formerly known as Accommodation & Care Solutions (ACARES), Australian Home Care, Comrec and Orion Services.

This means we’re experts in the specialist disability accommodation market, and our team is here to make sure you get a home you love.

We also work with local community groups and Owners Corporations to help improve awareness and understanding of disability. We work to ensure all our clients can enjoy a safe and welcoming home, meet their new neighbours and flourish in our local communities.

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