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Social Isolation and Loneliness - The Importance of Keeping the Elderly Connected

A woman stands next to and smiles at a disabled man in a wheelchair.

Social isolation and loneliness are widespread in the community, especially in the elderly population. The World Health Organisation (WHO) reports up to 1 in 3 older people feel lonely and socially isolated.  Home Care Services provided by Claro can assist the elderly population and your loved ones to remain socially connected.  

What is the impact of social isolation and loneliness?

Humans are naturally social creatures, and this doesn’t change as we age. However, due to illness, injury, poor mobility, lack of access to transportation, or any combination of factors, many older people are left unable to access the community, see their friends, or engage in activities they once enjoyed, leaving them feeling alone and socially disconnected.  

Social Isolation and loneliness are known to have detrimental impacts on a person’s overall physical and mental health. The impacts of social isolation and loneliness are often compared to other, well-known, life-limiting factors such as smoking and obesity. 

How can we help?

At Claro, we understand that feeling supported and connected to the community is vital to maintaining health, well-being, and overall quality of life. Claro offer a wide breadth of services targeted at reducing social isolation and loneliness.  

Our services include.  

  • Community Access:
    A fully trained and qualified Support Worker will take your loved one out into the Community. (for example, visiting a group community centre, enjoying a coffee at a local café, or going to the beach. Claro strives to understand what is important to your loved one and aims to maximise their enjoyment.  
  • In-home respite:
    A fully qualified and trained Support Worker will visit your loved one in their home and spend time with them. Together, they may watch a movie, enjoy a nice chat over a cup of tea, or be out in the garden.  
  • Community groups:
    Claro has affiliations with many local councils that organise and run various Aged Care Community Groups. Should your loved one have a special interest or identify with a particular social, cultural, or ethnic group and wish to engage with like-minded people, Claro’s specialist support team will work with you to source that community group 

Remaining connected and mentally stimulated is crucial to a person’s overall physical and mental health. So, whatever, the activity, Claro’s support team will work with you and your loved one to ensure they remain a part of their community and don’t feel lonely or socially isolated when you are unable to be with them.  

We offer a variety of Home Care based services including domestic support, personal care, meal support, and Allied Health services. For more information regarding quality Home Care Services you can trust, contact us here.

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