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Transitional Support Services - Now Available in Metro Sydney!

A woman stands next to and smiles at a disabled man in a wheelchair.

Do you require a fast turnaround in accessing care and support for your participants?

Our transitional support services are here to provide expedited interim care solutions, ensuring individuals can safely return home while we establish longer-term care plans. Our team of transitional support workers are not only qualified and highly experienced but also specially trained to support individuals living with disabilities or those recovering from illness or injury.

How do I access these transitional support services?

Accessing our Transitional Support Services is straightforward. Our dedicated Customer Experience Managers will assist you in determining the suitability of these services for your needs by following the below process.

Initial Consultation: We meet with the participant and their support network to review allied health reports and other relevant documentation.

Care Planning: During this meeting, we complete our care plan and consent forms, ensuring all aspects of the participant’s needs are considered.

Service Agreement: Once the service agreement is signed, support services will commence.

Our transitional support team remains consistent, providing unwavering support until permanent care plans are fully implemented. During this period, we work closely with you to understand the individual needs and preferences, ensuring a seamless transition as we match and train the permanent support team.

Who can access these services?

Transitional Support Services are ideal for participants needing care and assistance, particularly after recent hospitalisations. They are also beneficial when an existing provider can no longer meet the individual’s needs or for those accessing care services for the first time.

What do transitional support services include?

These services are comprehensive and are tailored to meet various needs.

  • Personal Care: Showering, dressing, and getting ready for the day.
  • Community Access: Partake in a hobby, build new skills, and connect with the community.
  • Travel: Travel to appointments, activities, or learning to use public transport.
  • Everyday Household Tasks: Meal preparation and cleaning.
  • Medication: Support to take medications.
Meet our Transitional Support Team
A woman stands next to and smiles at a disabled man in a wheelchair.

At Claro, we are committed to providing reliable and compassionate support, making the transition to longer-term care as smooth as possible. Whether you need immediate assistance or are planning for future needs, our Transitional Support Services are designed to bridge the gap effectively and empathetically. To learn more about how we can support you and your participants, contact us here.

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